Fever is an elevation in body temperature. It’s the body’s protective mechanism against infection. The elevation in temperature happens when our immune system is fighting off bacteria and viruses that could harm our body. Fever is our strongest weapon in the fight against infections or diseases. Find home remedies fever in this site.

Normal body temperature ranges from 97 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit, but varies throughout the day. Usually is lower in the early morning and higher in late afternoon. A fever is consider to be any temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. One should get concern when temperature raises above 102 degrees Fahrenheit for an adult and 103 degrees Fahrenheit for children. Often, having high temperature is helpful for the body; it’s the way the body acts to destroyharmful microbes. In an adult temperatures under 103 degrees fahrenheit encourage the body to create more immune cells. A fever of 104 or higher can be a risk for people with cardiac problems, since it accelerates the heart beat and makes it work harder, and can cause irregular rhythms, chest pain or even hard attack. When a person has had a fever over 106 degrees for a long period of time, can cause dehydration andbrain damage.

Although vigorous exercise, in which the muscles generate heat faster than the body can dissipate it, can cause a temporary rise in temperature.

Home remedies Fever we recommend:

  • Home remedies fever #1: Drink as much water as you can in order to replace fluid loss. It will also help to bring down body temperature.
  • Home remedies fever #2:Rest as much as possible.
  • Home remedies fever #3:Avoid suddenly changes in atmospheric temperatures.
  • Home remedies fever #4:Avoid eating solid foods until the fever is gone. You can replace the foods by drinking plenty of distilled water and/or juices.
  • Home remedies fever #5:when you have fever do not take any supplement containing either iron or zinc. Taking iron causes great tension in a body that is fighting infection; and zinc is not absorbed by the body when you have fever.
  • Home remedies fever #6:Take cool bathes, fill a bath tub, submerge and lay down for 5′ approximately. Repeat as needed until the fever is down.
  • Home remedies fever #7:If the fever does not exceed 102 degrees let it run its course. It helps the body to fight infection and eliminate toxins.
  • Home remedies fever #8:When a child has fever do not give them aspirin, instead try to reduce the fever with cold baths.

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