Are organic foods preferable to conventional products? Are they taste better and even healthier? In 2009, around 94 % of consumers bought at least one product with organic certification, so the results of the market research company. Since the hype about organic food does not seem flattened, in contrast. However, these products are actually better than conventional food?

The result of the Stiftung Warentest may disappoint organic advocate: on average, organic food could not outdo the conventional ones. On both sides products were “poor” awarded both “very good” as well as with.

Conventional vs. Catering. Bio

Conventional or Organic Catering in Hamburg?

Healthy Catering is also possible without Biosiegel ( c ) Klaus BrГјheim

Before you decide on an organic catering, catering different offers should always be compared. Because healthy food does not necessarily have to be provided with an organic label. A bigger issue is the price: Health food is usually considerably more expensive than conventional foods.

Prices compared

Mini Wraps with turkey breast costs in the organic variant about 5.00 euros and 2.50 euros in conventional quality. Comparing, however, prices for salads, can – from a corresponding number of copies (usually 10) – salads in organic quality be cheaper than salads conventional origin: Mozzarella and tomato with pesto: 4.00 EUR 5.00 compared to EUR. As with any catering the number of guests and the choice of the products are always price-setter even in an organic catering. Moreover, the prices of supply and demand are affected. Catering services in small towns and suburbs are more favorable than those in cities such as Hamburg or Berlin in general.

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